A bunch of How To Videos for Eris with links to rom / flash files

A bunch of How To Videos for Eris with links to rom / flash files 

How To Setup ADB –

How To Load a Theme –

How To Flash a New Recovery Image –

How To Switch to a Different SD Card (for use with Swap, Hero ROMs, etc.) –

How To Backup/Restore Your Android Phone –

HTC Droid Eris How To’s – 

How To: Root the HTC Droid Eris (and Get Android 2.1)

How To: Load a Custom ROM on the HTC Droid Eris


Links to Important Files

Android SDK Download   You need this to do just about anything so go ahead and download it then extract it into the root of your c:/ drive

SetCPU Free Version  Install this once your custom rom is done and you can overclock your Android
A2SD  Flash this to allow the use of your SD card to install your apps

Evil Eris V3 Rooted Droid Eris Home Screen

These are just a couple screenshots of the Home Screen of my Droid Eris . I installed the custom rom Evil Eris V3 . It is very fast ( Overclockable ) and stable . You can download it from here .

Then just install like any other custom rom .

Installing 2.2 KAOS FROYO *ROM* V.10 on my DROID ERIS

I am going to install the latest version of Android 2.2 FROYO Operating System on my Rooted Droid Eris from Verizon . You can download the latest “ROM” 2.2 KAOS FROYO V.10 from my own uploadĀ here or a backup linkĀ here . Ok let’s get on with the basics , but first ” I take no responsibility if this bricks your phone , perform at your own risk , & this will only work on a ROOTED phone “.

Archos 7 Home Tablet & Huawei S7 Tablet

The best of web browsing, multimedia, live information, social networking and applications for in-home use. A great smaller and more affordable alternative to the Apple iPad.

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Android IRC Chat Channel Web Link

Click on the link above to connect to the Android IRC Chat Rooms . Ask questions about your Android device to the experts . Interact with other Android Users and trade information / files / more .


This is just a quick picture of the software version settings showing my ERIS is rockin FROYO . It’s still got several bugs but the developer KAOS has been kicking butt ( shooting out new updated versions fast & actively listening to testers to fix all the little things . I know KAOS is working on new hardware drivers for us wich should solve almost anything that would keep you from running it as your daily build . There will be more pics uploaded to my Picasa account . eguruorg@gmail.com