Android 2.2 Ported to Tmobile G1

Android 2.2 has been partially released only to the Nexus One, but it’s already been hacked onto the HTC EVO 4G, and it’s all up in the air which other devices will get it and when. But like clockwork, the boys over at xda-developers have ported it onto the first and oldest Android device, the T-Mobile G1/HTC Dream as well as the MyTouch 3G. There’s still a few bugs to be worked out as with all porting, but it’s reported as being stable. And loading this ROM on your G1 is probably only for the most experienced of Android hackers.      [xda-developers]


Check out this site for a super easy way to ROOT your EVO 4G & more .

Official Homepage for the ClockworkMod Recovery.

Here is a link that everyone with an Android Device should visit . The ClockworkMod Recovery & Rom Manager are two essential apps .

Official Homepage for the ClockworkMod Recovery.

YouTube – How To Fix the Red Ring of Death #1 (Penny Trick)

I know this is off topic for my blog but tomorrow I’m going to try and repair 7 Xbox 360’s I’ve had just sitting around for like 6 months . I fixed all of these units on multiple occasions , some where bought just to be fixed but eventually the fix wore off . I gave up as I had a new PS3 to keep me company but I will not wait any longer . I have not tried this method of repair before so I think I will give it a try .

YouTube – How To Fix the Red Ring of Death #1 (Penny Trick)

Links to Important Files

Android SDK Download   You need this to do just about anything so go ahead and download it then extract it into the root of your c:/ drive

SetCPU Free Version  Install this once your custom rom is done and you can overclock your Android
A2SD  Flash this to allow the use of your SD card to install your apps

Evil Eris V3 Rooted Droid Eris Home Screen

These are just a couple screenshots of the Home Screen of my Droid Eris . I installed the custom rom Evil Eris V3 . It is very fast ( Overclockable ) and stable . You can download it from here .

Then just install like any other custom rom .

Installing 2.2 KAOS FROYO *ROM* V.10 on my DROID ERIS

I am going to install the latest version of Android 2.2 FROYO Operating System on my Rooted Droid Eris from Verizon . You can download the latest “ROM” 2.2 KAOS FROYO V.10 from my own upload here or a backup link here . Ok let’s get on with the basics , but first ” I take no responsibility if this bricks your phone , perform at your own risk , & this will only work on a ROOTED phone “.