KaosFroyo V13 for Droid Eris

*Just Released* KAOSFROYO V13 for DROID ERIS

This is a mixed Cyanogen/AOSP Froyo build for the HTC Droid Eris


Flash isn’t there yet.
LWP is partially broken(A few do work)
Notification LED stays on sometimes


Paul@Modaco for getting the N1 dump packaged up nice.
Jcase for pointing out Paul’s dump.
The gang over at AndIRC for all the bouncing of ideas.
enatefox for letting me steal libs from his G1 Froyo build.
Darchstar and Zenulator for bouncing audio bug ideas around with me.
Ncommander for his opensource libcamera.



Camera working(Preview is broken in AOSP camera app, but works in other apps)
Fixed Voice Search
Fixed carrier name bug
MMS should work now.
multitouch maps works.

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