KaosFroyo V13 for Droid Eris

*Just Released* KAOSFROYO V13 for DROID ERIS

This is a mixed Cyanogen/AOSP Froyo build for the HTC Droid Eris


Flash isn’t there yet.
LWP is partially broken(A few do work)
Notification LED stays on sometimes


Paul@Modaco for getting the N1 dump packaged up nice.
Jcase for pointing out Paul’s dump.
The gang over at AndIRC for all the bouncing of ideas.
enatefox for letting me steal libs from his G1 Froyo build.
Darchstar and Zenulator for bouncing audio bug ideas around with me.
Ncommander for his opensource libcamera.



Camera working(Preview is broken in AOSP camera app, but works in other apps)
Fixed Voice Search
Fixed carrier name bug
MMS should work now.
multitouch maps works.


Fixed Wifi completely
Added dictionary
Fixed Facebook sync issue
Fixed Maps update issue and included latest maps
JIT enabled by default


JIT enabled!
Bluetooth now working
Wifi working(ish)
GPS working
Rotation sensor working
Some Cyanogen work rolled in from the Alpha CDMA Hero build.
Busybox extras
Verizon Market fix(Not well tested)


Much more stable.
MUCH faster.
Fixed V9’s graphics bug.
Lights working.
Proximity sensor working.


Phone and audio work now!


Unreleased debug version


Ditched the gray status bar for the stock one… It was bugging me.
Added a bunch of new libs courtesy of enatefox. These fix the widgets graphics bug, and a lot of other graphics related issues.
Incall microphone and *ALL* other audio is still broken. Don’t expect it to work. It won’t.


Fixed the texture issues, and added a gray status bar I found anonymously posted on Google(If you think its yours, contact me and I’ll credit you!)


Fixed library that broke booting in V4.

Remove LWPs as they were force-closing
Added OpenGL fixes, which should help with some graphics.
Added SuperUser APK and bin
Added some libaudio junk that MAY help with audio issues(untested)


Merged with parts from the recent N1 Froyo dump.
Now has Google apps!


Major kernel hacking to get data and touchscreen working.


Initial port



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